September 5, 2017

Prayer for Victims of Both Hurricane Harvey & Wildfires in LA

We pray for all whose lives have been touched by tragedy, whether by accident or a deliberate act. For those who mourn, immerse them in your love and lead them through this darkness into your arms, and light. For those who comfort, be in both the words they use and all that's left unspoken; fill each heart with love. We ask this through Jesus Christ, whose own suffering brought us life, here and for eternity. Amen
John Birch

When Harvey Came to Town

On August 25th, at around 10pm, as Hurricane Harvey made landfall, it peaked as a Category 4 storm. The storm then hung in the weighty air over Texas, torturing Houston and surrounding areas even further, moving slowly to the east and the north, adversely affecting multiple states. But before it…