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If you’re like me, it’s hard to keep up with all the great books out there.

There are some books which are written for a specific time and season, some which prophetically discern what’s happening in the body of Christ at large, books to provide invaluable life instruction in current times. There are great stories with a deeper meaning, and of course, there are those books that are just for fun.  Don’t forget those life-long classics anointed for all times.

old books

To make your book-shopping easier, here are a few books to check out for yourself, your small group, or to purchase as a gift for a friend. (Make sure to check out the new children’s books at the bottom, too!)




And here are a few items to assist you with your reading:

a Kindle Reader or iPad,

Reading Pillows

Reading lights,


Reading glasses,

and Kindle Reader gift cards.


Thanks for checking out these new finds; I look forward to reading the new releases, don’t you?

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Happy Reading!


40 trending books


  1. Kallmann.C | 8th Nov 17

    Thanks for the recommendation! “Always Enough” is in my to-read-list now 🙂

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