42 Gift Ideas for Teachers

Since we all know that once fall begins, Christmas is just around the corner, and we would LOVE to be ahead of the curve when it comes to finding special gifts for the important people in our lives, here’s a little help to get the ball rolling. And let’s focus on the teachers!

My sis is a 25-year veteran teacher, so I’ve asked her to share some gift ideas she thought most teachers would love. After all we are all thankful for the hard work teachers put in to teach our kids.

But first, let’s talk about that time she had student dismissal /pick-up duty on the last day of school. Here’s the scene: on a very hot day in south Florida, with 25 of her own students, and then the others thrown into the mix, she waited for antsy parents to drive up to pickup their child to start SUMMER!

Kathy, with hair dripping from south Florida humidity, was half-way finished with her dismissal duties, when a black car pulled up with a dad inside. As the car approached, a child shouted, “That’s my DAD!!!!” Once Kathy verified little “Billy’s” proper ownership, a hairy arm extended from the car holding …. a bottle of CHAMPAGNE. Not in a gift box. Not in a bag. The gruff voice from the car said, “Have a great summer.” He dropped the bottle into her outstretched and surprised hands, and drove away. And there she stood in the parent pick-up line, holding a bottle of champagne, as the parents arrived….

Teachers, as they all know, receive a thousand bath gels and hundreds of coffee cups and candles at Christmas time, and at the end of the school year. But NEVER do they receive champagne. I guess little Billy’s dad was just grateful, or maybe he felt sorry for my sister, and wanted somehow to repay her for her sacrificial kindness toward his son. Or maybe he just happened to have an extra bottle of champagne in his car, and thought, at the last minute, that he should gift this sweat wet mop of a woman some kind of token of appreciation.

But for now, let’s think about the cool, crispness of winter, the glistening snow, baking cookies, and enjoying those treasured days of peace called Christmas break.

With that, here are a few of Kathy’s top picks for this year’s teachers. (This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.)

1. Books are always a good choice, here’s one that’s a sure blessing!

2. Travel mugs are great for those school days when the teacher is drinking coffee on the run!

3. Travel cups are so nice for those warmer days that require sweet tea or lemonade!

4. These teacher bracelets come in different colors, but we love the nautical look here!

5. Teachers Rock the World Canvas Tote

6. This Thanks for helping me Grow Planter is so sweet. Put a green plant in it, and voila!

7. This leather journal is great for men or women!

8. We love this personalized monogrammed canvas tote.

9. Just a little reminder that your teacher may need to see from time to time!

10. For the teacher who needs a little help with all those cords and cables.

11. This nifty bookmark is actually hiding an Amazon Gift Card! Who doesn’t love gift cards?

12. Getting a box of Teacher thank you cards enables you to craft your own personal notes inside!

13. These adorable gold elephant paperclips actually come in lots of other fun shapes!

14. For the nerd, geek, or science teacher.

15. For the quiet ones who need a little help!

16. For the male teachers lost in a sea of estrogen…

17. Here’s something for the book lovers!

18. Adding hip greenery brightens up everyone’s day!

19. Let’s fill the air with the scent of Christmas!

20. Beautiful way to display the green!

21. These Yeti cups are great for football games! Keeping hot drinks hot, and cold ones cold!

22. Copper baskets are so chic.

23. Delicious chocolate chip cookies and more! Yum.

24. Very cool magnetic hourglass. For the teachers with a magnetic personality!

25. I’m dreaming of White Christmas Coffee. A fave at our house!

26. Don’t forget the tea-sippers at Christmas time!

27. Beautiful hammered copper succulent planter.

28. Double layered inverted umbrellas are perfect for keeping dry on those rainy school days.

29. Levitating desk globe for lovers of gadgets, tech and science.

30. I’m in love with this Bamboo tea infuser.

31. Practical but fun teacher binder clips to promote organization!

32. Adding fruit to water helps teacher stay hydrated, and is so delicious!

33. Auto window vinyl reminds your teacher all year that he or she rocks!

34. Various designs of holiday Amazon gift cards!

35. Paper-shuffling is damaging to your hands; let’s fix that!

36. Don’t forget to pamper the guys!

37. For a quiet escape, a beach read, or comedic relief, how about a Kindle gift card?

38. Peppermint Brownie points in a jar!

39. Show the teacher you’re a “fan”! Lol, see what I did there?

40. Floral watches are expected to be seen everywhere in 2018!

41. And.. a little music to set the mood by the talented piano guys.


Stress Away Essential Oil Roll-on. Need I to say more? But yes, the teacher will thank you for this one.

And I know we’ve already covered 42 options, but, back to little “Billy’s” story at the beginning, if you’re a parent with a kid like Billy, maybe this is an option for you. (wink, wink)

Seriously, I hope some of these ideas got your gifting gears churning! If you have any additional ideas you love, please drop a comment below and share! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

Have the Happiest Holidays and the Merriest Christmas ever!



  1. Susan Evans | 12th Oct 17

    What cute gifts, to brighten the day of a teacher who works so hard every day!

  2. Andrea | 30th Oct 17

    I would think that the coffee mugs would be great for teachers!

  3. Maria Hass | 2nd Nov 17

    I’m a homeschooling mom and these are great ideas! I’m thinking also coaches, youth pastors, etc can benefit from some appreciation.
    Maria Hass recently posted…Raising Accountable KidsMy Profile

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