5 Big Things We Did This Summer

At our house, we love summertime!
When the livin’ is easy, the fish are jumpin’, and the cotton is high…

Trying to make each day count, we love to visit the beach, swim in the pool, play games together, watch movies, stay up late, and enjoy the outdoors (except when it’s in the high 90s and the gnats and mosquitos are gunning for you). We love to drink lemonade and make ice cream cones. We like fireworks and the 4th of July.

How about your family – what do you guys like to do?

This summer was no different, except…
we had the fastest summertime season ever on record! Where did the time go – for real?

Make memories. Savor the little moments with the ones we love deeply. Take joy in THIS day. Right Now.
You see, it’s these simple times together that make up our BIGGEST joy-filled memories, our BIG life stories.

Here are a few things we did this summer – we won’t forget them:

1. The Big Fishing Trip.

We fished. The kids, the grandkids, friends and family. We fished at “Papa’s Pond.” Papa Louis passed away over a year ago; it’s still called Papa’s Pond. But now, we are talking about Papa’s old bass boat given to my hubby, Randy.

So Randy, along with our youngest son (Josh) and oldest grandson (Chan) decided to take it out for a fishing trip. They took the motor to get it cleaned up, tuned up, repaired and ready for the big day. They worked on all the old wiring for the boat and trailer, and finally arose one morning at 4am to head to the lake. With snacks and lures galore, they loaded into the boat as the old-timer fishermen watched the newbies from the shore. And Rrrrrrr, Rrrrrrr, Rrrrrr they started the motor (don’t you love my sound effects?).

But, surprise surprise! the boat went BACKWARDS! Randy moved it from Forward to Reverse and it still went BACKWARDS. He shifted the gear back to Forward, and… yep, still going Backwards.

And did I say in circles???

So Randy, Josh and Chan, waking at 4am, drove 2-3 hours to the big lake on the big day to ride in backward-circles on the lake with the Bill Dance vets checking them out. They loaded up and came back home, eating their snacks, chewing on sunflower seeds, and laughing all the way.

2. The Big Escape.

Every summer we try something we’ve never tried before. Thus, the escape rooms. We tried three times, in different places, but never COULD get out of those rooms (a James Bond casino, a Sherlock Holmes kidnapping case where we were first handcuffed and blind-folded, and a Pool Table Hustle). But we ARE getting closer. Team work makes the dream work here. And, yes, it’s a lot of fun!

3. The Big Swim.

In between games of Marco Polo, and floating sessions, we worked with Maggie in the pool, teaching her to kick her feet in the water. First we tried an Otteroo, to enable her to have full arm and leg movement in the water. But we shifted to this float, [pictured here and below also] approved by the Coast Guard, and she LOVES it! So good for her therapy.

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4. The Big Climb.

We visited the 2nd tallest lighthouse in the US, the tallest in Florida, on a very hot, humid day. It was a challenge for me (I prayed under my breath the whole time!) going up, up, up that spiral staircase hugging the old block wall. Not gonna lie, it was a scary TALL 175 feet; that’s over 17 stories high! But I did it! And it was so worth it once we got to the top.

5. The Big Laugh Session.

During the early onset of Hurricane Irma, we lost our power. With family members “camping out” at our home, we entertained ourselves with stories, funny Youtube videos, food of course, and games. By candlelight, we played a new game called LOLZ. You can find it here. Oh. My. Word. Under cloak of darkness, the grown-ups, with freshly-opened mouthpieces in, exhausted from storm-prepping, experienced an epic side-splitting, laugh session. It was the best medicine. Try it. It’ll be good for you!

We actually had lots of little experiences this summer to reminisce about later. I’m sure you did too. If you have a summer memory, I’d love to hear about it. Post it in the comments below, or send me an email.

Next time, I will plan to share about The Big Breakthrough we had with little Magpie.



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5 Things we Did This Summer


  1. Randy Day | 18th Sep 17

    Great blog babe! It was great summer.
    We had fun!

  2. John Mulindi | 18th Sep 17

    Wow, this was such a beautiful adventure! Great nature.

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