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We all have those gifts that we just don’t love from Aunt Thelma or that co-worker in the next cubicle. I know, you really want to dispose of that adorable chia pet or Christmas towel set, but you first must wait the appropriate, acceptable amount of time. UNLESS, you’re going to a re-gift party! But alas, since many of us have cleaned our homes, rid ourselves of the items that no longer bring us joy, and adopted the minimalist mindset (thanks to the Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up) we will have to actually SHOP for Dirty Santa gifts this year.


51 Gift Ideas for a White Elephant + Gag Gift Party - #christmas #gag #party #gift #idea

Here are a few random, quirky, different sort of gifts for random, quirky, different sorts of Christmas and Holiday parties. Maybe you’ll find just the right thing for Aunt Thelma.










  1. Lynn Woods | 20th Oct 17

    Such a great post, Alicia! My husband’s family does white elephant every year for Christmas because the family is so big and we always struggle with what to get!

    • Alicia Day | 20th Oct 17

      Thanks! We do it each year, too, and it’s a blast! My adult sons have the Best fun wrapping tiny random gifts in one box after another, adding bricks and weight, etc. We have so many laughs in the process. Great family fun!

  2. Lacy Ngo | 25th Oct 17

    Such fun and funny ideas! Thanks for sharing

  3. Mandeep | 27th Oct 17

    I love these ideas and a great post

  4. Sarah | 28th Oct 17

    How nice! I think that’s great. A lot of people have a harder time finding smaller gifts.

  5. Brandy Morrison | 7th Nov 17

    These are great ideas! Thanks!

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