6 Basic Steps to Finally Start Your Blog

So… you’re interested in starting a blog, but don’t know where to begin? I’m so glad you’ve stumbled across this page! Let’s face it, blogging can be great fun. You can grow a business, share your story, and bring good news to the world. I’m going to show you some important but easy tips today to lay the optimum foundation for your dream blog. No need for you to be a techie at all. Baby steps, young grasshopper.


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When I started this brand-new blog, I researched and read, and researched and read, worried that I would create a big disaster for all the internet world to see. I was hoping to find a Blogging 101 class that just laid it out in a simple, concise manner. Or maybe someone to hold my hand during the process. Let this be a helpful assistant to you in the process, and just breathe. You’ve got this!

Time to get started.

1. First, find your WHY. What are the reasons you want to blog? This “why” will help you to remain laser-focused, and to continue on those days when you really don’t feel motivated to write.

  • I need a creative outlet, and just have to get my thoughts out there into the universe. The world needs what I have to offer.
  • I’d like to make money while working from home. A lot of money would be nice.
  • I am practicing to eventually become an author of a larger literary work. It’s a jumping-off point to something bigger.
  • I want to market my existing business to the masses for little expense.

2. WHAT will you be blogging about? It’s at this point there are two schools of thought.
One idea is to go ahead, narrow down your niche, and then stay in your lane, directing your messages to the proper demographic on the properly defined topic. For businesses, this would be the most logical approach.

The differing view is to simply blog, and learn as you go what you’re most passionate about, what your readers love to read from you, etc. This organic approach has been used by several successful bloggers who began with a little of everything on their respective blogs, but soon found their particular niche. Beginning writers often start here.

Another way to present this differing view also incorporates the holistic approach, declaring that a blog should be all things YOU. For those of us who initially had NO IDEA what to write about first, this forgiving approach removes the box of expectation and perfection so that we can begin!

3. First thing, if you want the most control over your own blog, go with a self-hosted sited using WordPress.org. WordPress.org is simpler for beginning bloggers. There is a small cost in order to self-host your site, but it’s a good foundation to lay down for having control and freedom for your new blog.

4. Choose your domain name and Register it. Like naming a baby, it should represent WHO you’d like it to become. Make it memorable. Weird spellings will tend to hinder. Take the time to research and ponder until you get the name that’s just right.

Once you have the perfect name, decide WHERE you’ll host your site. if you’re just starting out, I recommend you keep things as simple as possible and take advantage of the free domain name with BLUEHOST, as well as their hosting service. They are already geared up for WordPress.org blog hosting, and will simplify matters if you’re just getting started. Upon registering, you’ll choose a time-frame for hosting. Choosing 36 months will get you the cheapest price, but be mindful that you’ll be paying for it all upfront – you are PRE-paying. There are additional options available on this screen, but don’t worry about choosing those yet. You can always add them later if you decide to do so. I would recommend backing up your site, but you can use the WordPress Backup for DropBox plugin to do that.

5. You will continue the registration til you get to the WordPress install. Here, click on advanced settings. Choose your site name, your user name and password. Make sure to check “automatically create a new database..”

6. Now that WordPress is installed, choose and install your theme. From there, customize it to your liking.

I hope I’ve shown you how easy it is to start a self-hosted WordPress blog through BLUEHOST!
It might look like a lot, but you can actually get through all 6 of these steps in about 10 minutes if you know what you want!

Send me a message, and I’d love to take a look at your new blog – I’ll even leave your first comment!


6 Basic Steps to Finally Start


How to Finally Start Your Blog


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