About Me

Hello there, new friends!

I’m Alicia, and I’m so delighted that you’ve discovered my blog! I am just now starting my blogging career via What a Difference a Day Makes in September 2017. Even though many friends, prodded and elbowed me to begin, I wasn’t really sure if I could even do it, but I arrived at a crossroads of a sort as well as the need for a creative journaling outlet, so here we go.

I am excited to meet new friends (that is if anyone actually reads this) here, and also to learn a myriad of new skills, as I live life, enjoying our amazing family (my wonderful hubby, Randy, our 4 grown kids, 2 daughter-in-loves, and 6 grand-littles), and fellowship of friends in our rural southern town.

My life-story is one filled with drama, redemption, heartbreak, adventure, restoration, intrigue, both counterfeit and real love, thrills, learning hard lessons, suffering loss, along with barrels of laughter and fun; I am looking forward to unravelling it for you in digital form so that you can read all about it! But focus is NOT yesterday, but TODAY, the here and now. You know, the Present, which is a gift. In any event, more juicy details about me are sure to be coming down the pike.

Building a grateful, prayerful, overcoming, hope-and-joy-filled life, a beautiful family and peaceful home, and helping others to do that, also, is something I am truly passionate about! Imparting wisdom I have acquired along the way, along with calling people forward into you really are created to be is something I am so excited to do. I’m sure that in my blog, this zest and passion will show up!

Hopefully, I will also be creating some e-books later to go deeper and further into some areas we discuss on the blog. As we go, if, at any time, you’re interested in learning more on a subject, PLEASE let me know!