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Since I was a little girl, I loved Wonder Woman. I watched the gorgeous Lynda Carter fighting for good, and defeating the masters of evil plots and conspiracies, fighting for freedom and saving the nation from destruction every single week. With the message in hand that a girl could be beautiful and kind, wholesome and also a powerful warrior, I have always had it stored in my mental hard-drive that I could be like her, and do the same thing.

Taylor looking at flowers

Now, other messages from television, music, movies, and even people weren’t necessarily in line with the Wonder Woman concept. Being helpless, fragile, weak and of little value was and is still prominent in today’s mixed media messages all around the globe.

Girl with dream shirt Wonder Woman

But the TRUTH is that girls matter too. Even in a frilly dress, with daisies in our hair, we matter. And we also have the potential to be warriors, even with toddlers in tow and one on a hip covered in Spaghetti-Os. Even with a mud-mask on, and wet hair in a twisted towel.

We matter.

Woman whispering to girl

I know that at this time, in this season of history, it seems that grabbing a megaphone and throwing rocks, or pitching a tantrum on Facebook Live may be the way of the world, but it’s not necessary to show our worth and power. In fact, I believe that many times, it displays the opposite. Have you ever been in school, or in a social setting and seen a hair-pulling girl-fight? I have. And I can say, that neither girl gained admiration. No on-looker jumped up and said, “Gee, when I grow up, I want to be able to scrap and brawl like that!” {I am not saying that guys should be knocking each other out either, but this post is directed toward my lovely sissies.}

Back to the catfight, in the south, we’d say, “It’s just not pretty!” or “That’s not nice.” Down in the deep south, through lips covered in syrupy tones, we still attack and destroy one another with poisonous word-darts. For clarity, that’s still a catfight, just with the pretense of prettiness, but it’s NOT pretty, and it’s NOT nice. And that’s no Wonder Woman move.

Arguments don’t change the world. If great arguments were the answer to change our lives, then we’d all be perfect by now.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in warfare. And I don’t believe it always should be pretty or nice.

Young girl praying Wonder woman

But the warfare that is most effective, involves humility and love. It’s called prayer.

Prayer changes things. For real. You know, if we look seriously deep inside ourselves, we don’t have the power to really fix all that stuff that’s swept under the carpet, which now may look more like a mountain than a little hidden lump. Yes, we can read about “30 days to a New You”, and we can make choices to implement new, good habits in our lives. But down in the hidden recesses of our hearts, where thoughts, beliefs and feelings are all intertwined, along with memories, hurts, abuses and betrayals – in that place, we cannot fix ourselves or erase the ugly. But Love can. And real, true love comes from our Maker and Designer, God Himself.

“Don’t let what you didn’t get in your childhood keep you from what God provides for His children – a perfectly faithful Father.” Bill Johnson

Wonder Woman Prayer

Prayer changed me. As promised in my first blog, to let you in on more about who I am – I was a wreck. I was struggling with all sorts of issues, from a past filled with abuses, betrayals, deception and lies. From some of my earliest little girl memories, I believed lies about how worthless I was. And through the course of my wandering life [which looked pretty good at times on the outside, but not so much inside] I came to really believe and know that I was not fit to even exist here. I had nothing to offer this planet, my husband, my kids. “Nothing for nobody.” All because I believed some untruths. That’s called deception.

When the enemy of your soul whispers to you ANYTHING that doesn’t line up with what God says, it’s a lie.

And just like young princess Diana in the Wonder Woman tale, I didn’t know who I really was.

But God has a lasso of TRUTH!  His truth-belt is standard issue as part of the armor He supplies. God says you’re fearfully and wonderfully made. And He loves every single person. Always. Without reservation. And He makes beauty out of ashes. Long story short, I asked God to teach me who HE says I really am. And from there, I began a journey. He cleaned out from under my heart’s mountainous carpet, one memory at a time, exposing the lie that I had believed with each one. And His Word replaced those lies with truth.

As a challenge to you personally, invite Jesus to come into your deepest darkest ugliness and to bring His truth, His life and light. Ask Him to come and wash away everything that doesn’t look like Him. To remove stains and dirt and to re-make you into the Woman of Wonder you were born to be.

As a woman, if I will make a conscious choice to work WITH God’s intricate DNA-specific design for me, I will walk into the fullest, most abundant, fruitful, joyful open-place-of-a-life imaginable. And from THAT place, I am powerful. It’s in Him. In His Love. In His Truth. In His Life.

Praying at beach Wonder Woman

From THAT place (in Him), I wage war. You wage war. We are, in fact Wonder Women. We are, in fact, created to be Superheroes. But developing your skill, as Diana did in the movie, isn’t about inventing your own greatness and becoming a legend in your own mind.

It’s actually about DISCOVERING who you are in God. You see, the God that dreamed up the moon and stars, the one who thought up bees and flowers and cross-pollination, the God who created telomeres and the twisted ladders we call DNA – that GOD, also has BIG GIGANTIC DREAMS for YOU. NOT boring, stuffy, sitting-in-a-hard-pew, listening-to-a-monotone-speech-from-a-pulpit-once-a-week kind of dreams. Not at all. He has ginormous dreams of prosperity and hope for our lives. Dreams of a life so abundant in goodness that it’s spilling over everywhere we go. Dreams that are superior and bigger than our little tiny, less than miraculous imaginings.

What I am saying here is that women DO matter. YOU matter. We ARE valuable. We can fight and we MUST wage war. On our knees. Sometimes in the courtroom, sometimes from the podium, sometimes in the classroom, sometimes in the operating room, sometimes in the board room. Sometimes kissing a boo-boo on a skinned knee.
Yes, we wage war.

BUT FIRST AND ALWAYS, on our knees. And then, and only then, FROM that time spent in prayer and meditation on Him and His Word, we go forth and slay the day!

Believe and Pray Wonder Woman

Sometimes, He will download strategies during prayer time. War strategies to go forth and conquer, and to avoid the attack of the enemy of your soul. Sometimes He will just whisper sweet-nothings. Always, He will speak to you as you really are, not as you see yourself, not as the world sees, but the truth. I need that. You know, the kind of friend who tells you that you have spinach in your teeth? The Truth-telling kind of friend.

We have great power. We CAN change the world. We can mold minds. We can morph a house into a home. We can feed 20 on a budget for 5. We can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan… But the best way to bring the POWER: we can pray. I need all the power I can get!

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Margaret Thatcher

How are you bringing the righteous fight for justice in your corner of the planet? How well are you wearing your Wonder Woman armor? I’d love to hear from you, and please share with someone who may need to feel loved and encouraged today!

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“Faith isn’t denying the reality of your circumstances; faith is denying these circumstances the right to remain in control of your life.”
― Dutch Sheets, The Power of Hope: Let God Renew Your Mind, Heal Your Heart, and Restore Your Dreams

“Royalty is my identity. Servanthood is my assignment. Intimacy with God is my life source.” ― Bill Johnson


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  1. Beth K. | 1st Oct 17

    This inspired me so much! Thank you for sharing your heart so transparently with us.

    • Alicia Day | 1st Oct 17

      Thanks, Beth! I’m so glad this touched your heart! It’s a little scary putting your thoughts out there, but I believe there are probably others who have gone through, or are currently going through the things that I did. And I just want to speak hope into people’s lives. #joycomesinthemorning Have a Wonder Woman kind of week!

  2. Kevin Trumpore | 1st Oct 17

    Great job Alicia! As a father of 3 girls and no boys, I tried to explain and encourage these concepts to my daughters. Strong girls become strong women. Strong girls and women can do anything they choose. But as you say, becoming strong is knowing HIM, being strong in HIM and knowing HE is in you!
    Great blog, I look forward to reading more.
    I hope you don’t mind a guy following along and commenting once in a while.

    • Alicia Day | 1st Oct 17

      Wow. Thanks for sharing. Yes! You get it. Our power is all in Him, and from Him. I am DELIGHTED that a guy is following along, and I welcome your input as we go along. Please take time to sign up for the newsletter if you like. I promise not to bombard your email. And kudos to you for being the kind of dad that teaches his girls who they really are created to be. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me. Have a #superman kind of day [God makes men into superheroes too].

  3. Valerie Murray | 1st Oct 17

    Hi Alicia, You just visited my blog and I’m hopping over to tell you I love this post and your writing! I’m so glad you followed God’s lead to start a blog because it is obvious you have a gift. I hope to get to know you better and find as I have what a sweet community there is in the land of blogging, lol.

    • Alicia Day | 1st Oct 17

      Wow! Thanks, Valerie for commenting. This is such an encouragement to my heart. I look forward to getting to know you as well!

  4. Danielle Chapman | 1st Oct 17

    As a mom of 3 girls, I totally hear you. My oldest daughter has made some decisions for her future that is not popular with her crowd but she feels strongly this is where God wants her. She is learning how to be strong and face the challenge of peer pressure. We are praying for her daily and are proud of the young woman she is becoming.

    • Alicia Day | 1st Oct 17

      Danielle, you must be a great mom! That’s so great that she’s a leader, willing to step-out and be so brave! The world needs more young ladies like her! She’s a Wonder Woman. I pray that she ALWAYS stays right in the center of His will, and that He continues to lead her from glory to glory, strength to strength and faith to faith. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

  5. Gwen Meharg | 3rd Oct 17


    Thank you for the powerful reminder.

  6. Liz | 5th Oct 17

    I <3 Wonder Woman. And even more with the new movie where she says she believes in LOVE! Yes and Amen! Such an encouraging read for this girl. Thank you!

  7. Aimee Imbeau | 5th Oct 17

    Alicia, I really love your post. And I want to feature it so badly on Grace and Truth this week. There is only one problem…I don’t see the link-back to a Grace and Truth host on your post 🙁 This is a requirement for being featured. So, this is what I’m going to do…I’m going to go ahead and feature your post tomorrow in hopes that you will put the link back in your post – as well as the “I Was Featured” button! Thanks for sharing your post with us. Wonder Woman is one of my fave movies…and I grew up watching the TV series, too.

    • Alicia Day | 6th Oct 17

      Aimee! Thanks so much for that honor! I added the link to my post (hope I did it right!). I grew up watching Wonder Woman also, and I loved the message in the movie. Nice to meet you here, and thanks again!
      Please email me if I need to do something differently on my link. Have a blessed day!

  8. Gretchen Fleming | 8th Oct 17

    Great post and I loved all the powerful quotes. So true about how hurtful, ugly words are just as bad as a cat fight. Much wisdom here👍

    • Alicia Day | 8th Oct 17

      Thanks, Gretchen! Please feel free to share with your girlfriends who may need it!

  9. Patrick Owens | 12th Oct 17

    Alicia, this is very well written! I think that even in the modern church that women have sometimes been led to believe they are only ‘support staff’ as opposed to front line warriors. Many forget that God made BOTH male and female in His image. He never said, “only men are to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons”. The Bible is full of detailed accounts of strong women who ‘fought’ the good fight (Ex. Esther’s courage, and facing the possible consequence of death, saved an entire race of people). Sexism tells women they are less than, distorted feminism tells women they are the same as, but God says women are fearfully and wonderfully made! Equal, but wonderfully different. Caring, but strong. Beautiful, but tough. Compassionate, but powerful. A spiritually powerful woman can make the enemy flee 7 ways. Her God given intuition alone can be wielded like a mighty sword to destroy darkness. Women (and men) were not created to be natural or ordinary, they have the ability to host the power of the Most High God inside of them…they are meant to be ‘Super’natural!!

    The timing of this blog is ironic: Just last week I was frustrated and feeling defeated at work. My colleague and Christian brother said, “When you were a child, who was your favorite superhero?” I responded, “Captain America”. He then said, “Think of everything he could do, and then remember, you can do all that AND more, because you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you”. Very timely indeed!

  10. Sheila Schweiger-Rhodes | 28th Oct 17

    Are you my sister from another mother? Seriously, our backgrounds are so similar. I love Wonder Woman, and for years because of abuse, lies, deception, I never knew my worth. However, my Jesus changed all of that, and I have gone from victim to victor! Jesus healed my soul wounds, and I refuse to let the enemy have any authority over my present or remind me of the past. God has given me a voice, and I don’t intend on quieting down anytime soon. I am so thankful God has crossed our paths! Many Blessings to you!

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