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I love all things blue.  The huge Sea and the endless sky both speak to the dreamer in each of us.  The ever-changing, crashing waves along the shore are a place of respite for many.  And, don’t forget, Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes.

Bringing BLUE home is a reminder to dream bigger, to be still, to dance, to sit and ponder, to just chill.

Disclaimer:  I am certainly no decorator (I am an accountant).  I do know that I like blue.  Since my previous years were spent working at a corporate job, tending to my family, and other activities, I haven’t really had much time to devote to home decor.

But this year, now at home, taking care of my sweet granddaughter, Maggie, I have decided to venture out and make some changes. I’m adding more and more blue into my home, just because I like it.

With that in mind, I began working on a fall tablescape, with the goal of not spending a fortune, maybe using what I already have at home.  In fact, that is part of why I decided to write this particular post.  Look around the house to see what you already have that maybe could be used for your special event decor.  Use that imagination! I bet you’ll surprise yourself!

I found some large candle blue candle stands  from my living room, and a ceramic vase/jug that was in my foyer.  My hubby, Randy, picked up some little pumpkins at the store for just for Maggie, so we are using those too.  My sister, Kathy, brought me a burlap table runner from her 2016 wedding, and some pine cones.  Our home has pecan trees in the yard, so we grabbed some pecans, and trimmed some greenery outside to use, too.  And in our rural area, we have beautiful white cotton fields, of course.  So I added that to the mix.

Cotton between home and Blackshear


Here are some of photos of my first Thanksgiving tablescape draft.


Joshua Place Setting Blue Tablescape


A number of years ago, I found some dishes (nothing fancy) that my dad had packed in a box after my mom passed away, that he was not going to use.  They have light blue, rust, and yellow flowers on them.  I think they’re perfect for fall!  Here is a closeup above of  Joshua‘s place setting.


A few years ago, Randy and I visited a vintage shop in Largo, FL, and I found some  little vintage birds (see the above picture of Jonathan’s place setting).  I used them as fillers on this tablescape.  The chubby mossy bird below was a gift.


Alicia Place Setting Moss Bird


Pinecones seem like good placeholders for Thanksgiving. My sis gathered those for me.  Hand-written place-cards are inexpensive and simple. For this project, I printed out my guest cards on my handy dandy laser printer, (here’s what I have, but any kind will do) using Microsoft Word, and a cool font from The Hungry Jpeg.


Tablescape blue right light


After finishing, I decided to try a different ceramic piece in the center of the table.

Confession: I have a modern orange striped vase (like this one) from the 1970s.  I have never loved it, but it was from my growing-up years in Miami, so (thanks to my friend, Brenda) I have kept it for sentimental reasons… in the back of a cabinet.

But today, I found it again, and suddenly thought, “wow, that looks like a pumpkin!”, so I experimented with this in the center of the table. And I kind of like it!

Pumpkin Vase Blue Tablescape


Pumpkin Vase head on blue

The orange pops against the blue, right?

I’d love to see your tablescape pics, and hear your thoughts on this.  Connect with me on Facebook, and share your photos!

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Here are just a few fall finds here.

Have a good week, friends,


Adding Blue to Your Fall Table


  1. kathy | 26th Oct 17

    I think I like the Orange case too. Thanks for mentioning me, kiddo. love ya and had a great time decorating the table.

  2. Keisha Russell | 30th Oct 17

    This is beautiful!! I love all of your decor ideas. I actually never thought of adding blue for thanksgiving.

  3. Susan Evans | 30th Oct 17

    Blue is such a fun color for a Thanksgiving table. It’s unexpected and fresh, and like you said, the color of sky and sea.

  4. Heather Hart | 30th Oct 17

    Beautiful! I absolutely love how creative you were and it came together so well. Decorating isn’t my strong suit, my creativity is in other areas, but I always love seeing what others come up with.

  5. Melissa | 30th Oct 17

    I like the orange vase and think it looks great! We have multiple sets of parents to go to for the holidays so I never have the opportunity to set up for Thanksgiving. I’ll live vicariously through your setup! God bless!

  6. Alice Mills | 30th Oct 17

    I think the orange vase is perfect for your fall table. The little bird makes it for me!

  7. Ann (Neethu) | 31st Oct 17

    Electric blue is my favorite color and I love the way you have neatly and beautifully set this up… wow!

  8. Kristi | 31st Oct 17

    So cute! I really like the pine cones to hold name cards and so thrilled you found a way to use the orange vase. It looks good!

  9. Maria Hass | 2nd Nov 17

    I think you did great! I would’ve never known to use blue in the Fall but you made it work really well.
    Maria Hass recently posted…Raising Accountable KidsMy Profile

  10. Tracy | 12th Nov 17

    The blue is gorgeous! It’s my favorite color but I have never thought to use it with fall decor. I love it!

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