Happy National Coffee Day | Learn to Brew with a French Press


Coffee-drinking may just be the nation’s most enjoyed pastime. And in honor of National Coffee Day this year on September 29th, my son, Joshua has produced
here a beginner Vlog on how to use a French Press. We hope you enjoy it!

– Click the pic to view it 🙂

National Coffee Day French Press

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If you’re a single-serve kind of person, and you’d like to venture out and try something besides the Keurig, this is a wonderful way to begin.

Random insert here: See the vintage yellow coffee cup in this pic? I found it in my dad’s “collection”. It’s around 50 years old!

French Press Vintage Yellow Cup and Coffee Beans

Our family loves experiencing coffee flavors from all over the planet, from Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Columbia, and more! Each region with its own soil composition, produces a unique flavor.

Coffee Flavors from La Colombe

One brand we like is La Columbe, which is mentioned in the French Press Instruction Video.

If you’re a fan of COLD coffee, you may like to try some of their other options.

Cold Coffee Draft Latte from La Colombe

And oh, while you’re venturing out on your coffee-making expedition, make sure to find a new #boss coffee mug. Here are a 34 mugs you may like to check out from our recent blog post.

Enjoy your cup o’ joe,



  1. Danielle Chapman | 1st Oct 17

    OOOH! How I miss the smell and taste of coffee. I have been drinking herbal teas lately and they just don’t do it for me like coffee does. 🙂

    • Alicia Day | 1st Oct 17

      The smell of coffee is so good, isn’t it? I do like herbal teas also. And I am reading about adding food-quality essential oils to tea. What’s your favorite tea flavor?

  2. Josh | 10th Oct 17

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve always wanted to know how to make coffee with a French Press. Can’t wait to try it at home.

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