Holiday Melt 1.0 | Dropping or Maintaining Weight During the Holidays

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We have all heard of the numerous resolutions to lose weight when the New Year begins.  And we’ve heard the sighs of surrender when it comes to fighting the battle of the bulge during the numerous planned Christmas parties and Holiday meals.  The month of December has, in some circles, become synonymous with weeks of regretful overindulgence and fearing the scale.

Christmas is often the time of overindulgence. But, instead we are #holidaymelting

But, this year, with resolve and joy, my son, Josh, and I are getting a head-start on the holiday, by beginning a Holiday Melt.  But first, a little backstory…

Three years ago, I found myself in the predicament of being bed-ridden over 60% of the time, unable to even walk to my kitchen for a glass of water.  For years, my health had declined from simply not feeling great, or being a little tired, to continuously gaining weight and feeling very fatigued, to a complete health crash.  All of my vitamin levels were far below the “low-normal” acceptable range; some were barely registering, as were my hormones.  With handfuls of hair falling out, I was pre-diabetic and also anemic.  None of my body systems were working properly, and I was in a dangerous place health-wise (life vs death per my Dr.)

But, I had done everything I physically knew to do: nothing fried, no soda, no caffeine, no sugar, only using olive or coconut oils in cooking, and no processed food.  I was prescribed a protein shake recommended by the leading medical center in our state, yet my body was not absorbing nutrition properly, my health was deteriorating and my weight was increasing.  Nothing was turning around, and I was declining rapidly.

I wasn’t just working on the physical aspect.  I was meditating and praying, and learning to be still and know; working on being, rather than doing.

For I will restore you to health

Through nothing short of a God-ordained connection, I was introduced to a specific superfood protein shake sourced in New Zealand. I began using this product per my doctor, and over the next few months, my health began to turn around.

Look what happened!

Kayaking Flyboarding Parasailing


We all know that we have one body to live in, so being a good steward of our earth-suit is imperative.

And then came 2017.

Ever had a day that was a battle; how about a warfare year?  Such has been 2017 for me. This year has been a tough one in many ways, dealing with several losses in prior months.  We all have to be very mindful to stay out of stress, and watch the quality of our nutrition as well; but for me, it’s absolutely imperative.  Stress causes my system to crash.  My health has suffered because of the blows that have come down the pike.  It has been scary and frustrating; difficult and trying.  And, after doing so well for a season, it’s even embarrassing; like… failing.  Those are the facts.

But the TRUTH is that I really am an overcomer, because the Overcomer is in me. (Truth trumps facts.) Yes, it’s been like treading water this year; but, as my son so eloquently said to me, “Mama, it’s time to #RISEUP.”

I have had to somewhat start again, with tiny baby steps in this healing journey. But I am NOT where I once was (worn down, crawling on the floor from my bed to bathroom, at times, with no strength to even stand)  Praise the Lord!

I am rising up.  And declaring this: “2018 is the Year for Faith over Fear”.  Faith over Fear


Now for the Fun!  With that very long, rollercoaster-ride intro, welcome to our #HOLIDAYMELT.  Here’s the plan: to maintain weight throughout the holidays, and even, (dare I say it?) lose pounds, starting next year ahead of the resolution crowd.

My son, full-time college student, Josh, and I are striking out in this epic adventurous journey of healthy freedom, burning up all the excuse bridges by putting it out into the You-Tube-iverse.

And away we go….!!!


Whew!  There it is!

Each post, we will talk about resolutions that work, those that don’t, things we learn at the gym, and maybe some epic fails (hopefully not many!).  Of course, there will be bloopers, because… Josh and Alicia.

We WANT cheerleaders, prayer warriors, friends and strangers to join with us if you are willing, in the continuing saga ….

OK, so here are the products + gear we are currently using as we begin, for those who need to know:
FitBit Charge 2
FitBit Blaze
Brooks Running Shoes
Josh’s Fave H2O Bottle
Alicia’s H2O Bottle
Food Scale
Our Body Analysis Scale

Comment, share, and PLEASE Subscribe if you’d like to keep up!  If you’re joining us in your own health resolution now, make sure to let us know and hashtag #holidaymelt!

Have a very Merry Christmas,



Holiday Melt - Maintaining or even dropping pounds during the holidays

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  1. Panchal | 15th Dec 17

    Great to know about your story. Health is really important for all of us. More importantly it is prayer, faith and love that helps us to reach the unimaginable power of God. Thanks

  2. Monette E. Smith | 15th Dec 17

    Amazing article!

  3. Jijjy's Maison | 15th Dec 17

    Your story is very inspiring. Gives me strength and wishing you more blessings. Keeping weight off during Xmas holidays really is a challenge. I am definitely keeping track and will challenge myself to do the same.

  4. Janette Ho | 15th Dec 17

    What great info! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  5. kathy | 16th Dec 17

    Great job Kiddo!

  6. EJ | 16th Dec 17

    That’s a really heart felt story Alicia..I am happy to read you are up and moving forward! I will be watching your progress..Is there a specific amount of exercise and time devoted for the desired results?

    • Alicia Day | 17th Dec 17

      EJ, For me, I actually had to begin with only 3 minutes on the treadmill a couple years ago, per Dr’s orders. That was all that my body could handle at the time. So, gauge your starting point wherever you are now, and don’t get discouraged about making baby-steps. When I re-started at the gym this month, I started at 5 minutes at a normal (not brisk) pace to see how I fared. Each day I added a minute or two. An additional boost: if all you can do is 5 minutes, then do it in the morning. Then do 5 minutes again in the afternoon/evening. That way your double-timing. Build SLOWLY. My personal goal is to walk for 40-45 minutes each day, at a good pace. I am currently at approximately at 25-27 minutes each day. Whatever you do, keep moving forward, don’t rush, and don’t quit. Blessings on your journey! Let me know how it goes for you.

  7. Tiffany | 16th Dec 17

    I need to drop a few… I stepped on the scale yesterday and scared myself

    • Alicia Day | 17th Dec 17

      LOL, I’ve done that same thing myself! Yikes. Go for it! You can do it.

  8. Michelle Johnson | 17th Dec 17

    I’ll be watching… good luck

  9. Erin | 17th Dec 17

    Very good stuff. I am glad someone is trying to help with this problem. Very uplifting post.

  10. Jen | 17th Dec 17

    Thank you for sharing. That takes courage. Good luck! I’m sure we all will be cheering you on!!

  11. Melissa | 18th Dec 17

    Sounds like a great incentive for you and your son to do together! It’s always easier with an accountability partner.
    Melissa recently posted…Be a Light For OthersMy Profile

  12. Julie | 18th Dec 17

    Did you have adrenal fatigue? What is this product from New Zealand?
    Sounds like your on the right track back to health!

    • Alicia Day | 19th Dec 17

      Yes, Julie, and I was in adrenal failure. I will message you regarding the products I use.

  13. Katie Braswell | 19th Dec 17

    Wow, you guys! Way to go! Don’t forget to celebrate, even the smallest victory! Also, a great motivation is to remember you are honoring God by taking care of that precious body! <3 Be blessed on your journey! Can't wait to read about your success! <3
    Katie Braswell recently posted…Appreciate: Understanding the Gifts of Provision and SacrificeMy Profile

    • Alicia Day | 21st Dec 17

      Thank you, Katie. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Kayla | 20th Dec 17

    Good job! I need your determination. Hopefully having the support will help 🙂

  15. Sarah Dean | 21st Dec 17

    So glad you’ve found a product that works for you! Good luck to you both with your journey. 🙂

  16. Cris | 21st Dec 17

    This year, I tried to lose weight and nothing… so glad I read your post! Thank you!

  17. Karen | 21st Dec 17

    I love the expression “steward of your earth suit”! Very much enjoyed the video too. It’s great to hear a voice and place a face to the name. The holidays are difficult with all the extra stress and all the extra food temptations. You guys got this!

  18. Monica | 22nd Dec 17

    I always gain weight during the holidays! I should learn to control myself! This was really inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story! 💕

  19. Angela | 22nd Dec 17

    Good for you! I had my own health scare a few years ago and it took a complete lifestyle change to feel better. Seeing a naturopath really helped. This sounds like a great and healthy initiative and I am rooting for you… It’s hard to stay away from sugary temptations this time of year *sigh

  20. Crisly | 23rd Dec 17

    Glad to hear that you are doing well, you are in the right track. Celebrate every progress. Can’t wait to hear my doctor go signal for me to go back to the gym.

  21. Leslie | 23rd Dec 17

    You can do it! I have faith in ya. 2017 was a huge off year for me too, I gained about 20 pounds, fell into deep depression I am just coming out of. I am hoping to shed all the negative in the new year too. Keep your head up.

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