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Last December, my granddaughter, Maggie started coming each weekday to stay with her Grammy, while Mommy and Daddy are at work.  Not having had a little one around for quite some time, I knew that life would be different, but I had no idea just how much!

Maggie at Papa's House Rocking Chair

Maggie was then almost 1-1/2 years old, but couldn’t sit up on her own yet.  She was pretty wobbly, so we would prop her up with pillows all around her.  At that time, she held a record for being the tallest baby ever recorded for her age in the county where her pediatrician is located; so, we understood that her inability to sit on her own was the norm for being so very tall. But, as tests were ordered, we found that Maggie has a chromosome issue [repeating inverted duplication deletion of the 8p chromosome]; it’s a rare disorder with around 50 cases in the nation right now.  With this issue not being a common thing, we found that there aren’t any rulebooks necessarily on what the medical community expects for her.

Maggie in the grass

I remember the moment I first heard this pronouncement over Maggie; I was at a beautiful retreat in Lake Junaluska, NC, leading worship at a weekend conference.

Lake Junluska NC Retreat

In the middle of a song, my phone began to vibrate on the music stand.  When the worship time was over, I quietly stepped out and returned the call to my son and daughter-in-love.  Hannah sadly told me the news.  At that moment, time stood still as I was keenly aware of the importance of what was about to come out of my mouth.   You see, there are times in life when you find yourself at an intersection; a place of choosing.  Sometimes we are aware of the crossroads, and sometimes not so much; nevertheless, if we are paying attention, we can make the best choice at that crossing, and change the direction where we are to be heading.  This was one of those moments for me.

On that phone call, from the deepest place in my belly came pouring out something like this, “Hannah, no matter what the doctors say, no matter what their report is, we choose, our family chooses, to believe God’s report for Maggie.  We believe what HE has declared over little Magpie.  What God says is what we agree with.  And we know that God declares wholeness and health over her.”  Yes, my heart was racing, and yes, I wanted to cry, but I made a choice in that moment to believe for MORE than I could see.  To believe for LIGHT to invade dark space.  Out of the abundance of my heart, my mouth spoke.  (This is why it’s so important to build ourselves up in our faith, and to hide God’s word in our hearts.)

Our family strongly came together that day as one, pursuing God’s best plan for our Maggie.  And the adventure continued…

We tried to get Maggie into weekly therapy, but hit our proverbial heads against the wall due to getting stuck in the insurance/medical/red-tape machine.  We found ourselves in the allowable and lacking once a month time slot for Physical Therapy; so I asked for a list of homework assignments, determined to work with Maggie each day.  And every single day, we pray, declaring health to her whole body, speaking healing scriptures aloud over her, and thanking God for what He is doing in her and through her life.

In the years prior, in my own life and in taking care of my aged father, a stroke victim, I came to appreciate baby steps – the power of taking one little step at a time.  (More on that will be forth-coming.)  I learned to celebrate baby steps with dad.  And this mindset is really paying off with Maggie.

She soon learned to sit, then stand (propped up) against an ottoman each day for playtime, increasing the time as we progressed.  She didn’t want to pull-up.  She didn’t like textures.  So we made a game of playing in food, paint, dirt, play-doh; and I bought every texture of fabric (silk, burlap, cotton, jersey, velvet, terrycloth) that I could find to let her touch and experience.

Maggie in the fall

Spring passed, and as an accountant-Grammy, I worked on a few tax returns.  One day, a chiropractor’s daughter, and friend, came to have her taxes done.  Angie noticed a problem with Maggie’s feet and asked me to bring little Magpie to the office.  Once there, they gave me some ideas for future therapy.  One such idea was to build parallel bars to teach Maggie how to walk.  That day, my hubby, Randy, bought the supplies to construct the bars.

Maggie at doctor janies

Maggie’s parallel bar exercises went like this:  I stood her up, placing a hand on each side bar.  I slid her right arm and said, “Reach”; then I moved her right foot and said, “Step”.  After that, I moved the left side.  Arm first, then leg.  Right, then left.  Over and over, until we reached the end of the bars.

Maggie standing at the bars

Day after day, morning and afternoon, Maggie “walked” down those bars, “reach” and “step”, over and over.  She didn’t initiate any movement, at all.  For weeks, we practiced.  Until one beautiful glorious day!  I moved her hand on the bar, “Reach,” and before I could get to her foot, she stepped on her own!  Oh. my. word.  We had to stop right there and have a praise party!  Maggie, Grammy and Poppy, and Uncle  Josh clapped our hands, danced around, and celebrated this breakthrough!  (Israel Houghton helped us out that day – You Are Good)

But how could I get her to reach and step all by herself?  What on earth could motivate her to do so?  Coaxing and calling?  Nope.  Her toys? Nope.  Blueberries.  It was blueberries.  Maggie loves blueberries.  She could pick them up and eat them by herself at that point, and she would gobble them up like a little piggy.  She walked for blueberries!!

(Thank you God, for creating wonderful blueberries for my little Magpie!)

Here is a video of Maggie walking that day for blueberries!


Woohoo!!  What a breakthrough!  Maggie’s mama was so excited when I sent her this video, that she shared it on Facebook; and she had a boatload of love poured out on her.  And I started getting requests for how to build these bars.  It was at that point that I decided to begin to blog and share  ‘Life with Maggie‘.

Maggie with pullupbar

From that point, my sister, Kathy, sent me a video of a little boy whose father had built a PVC walker for him. So Poppy (Randy) and Maggie built a walker.


Maggie and Poppy at work


No swivel wheels, just walking straight forward; because she wasn’t strong enough to keep the wheels from going sideways.

Here’s a quick video of Maggie walking with her new little PVC walker.


So with this PVC walker, Maggie walked straight ahead until she ran into a dead-end.  Then I would turn her around and let her walk again.

Maggie PVC Walker at cabinets


Soon afterward, her pediatrician wrote a script for a gait trainer, with no attached seat, so that she doesn’t get dependent upon it.  Right now, Maggie has a blue loaner (thanks to AllCare Pharmacy); but soon, she will have her own shiny pink “car.”  We are praying that she won’t need it for very long.

And, P.S., after many, many phone calls, we now have PT, OT, and Speech Therapy 2x per week in a closer location. (Thanks to Mrs. Redman from Babies Can’t Wait for helping us with all those phone calls!)

Here is Maggie walking into therapy with her gait trainer loaner.


Please pardon me if I post too many pics of this little one, who has been to docs of neurology, gastroenterology, genetics, cardiology, psychology, dentistry, pediatrics, optometry, audiology, and so on, and is still carrying a little tune (only a hum right now, sometimes an “ahhh”, but we are working on it), and almost always wearing a great, big, beautiful smile.  I can’t help it.  I am a grateful Grammy.

Maggie with pearls by BraveStagProductions





“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11

If you or someone you know would like to get the info on the equipment we built to help Maggie, please contact me, and we will be happy to share!

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Until next time, make your day count!


Walking with Maggie -Miraculous Moments


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  1. Anna | 10th Oct 17

    Wow, I am crying like a baby because of God’s goodness with our sweet girl. Perfect post Mumzy

    • Alicia Day | 11th Oct 17

      Hi Anna, thanks for reading the post! I cried when I wrote it, and again when I read it aloud to Randy. Yes, God is indeed directing our steps and blessing us in this tough situation. He is good. Always.

  2. RANDY DAY | 11th Oct 17

    We love our little Magpie!!!

  3. Charleen | 11th Oct 17

    Alicia thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful story of Hope & Love. I had no idea y’all were going through all this. Prayers of agreement for total health for Maggie 🌈🙏🏼💗 & for all the family. What a blessing Grammy & Grampa Randy for praying, being a therapist, builder & encouraging others as well to stand on His Promises. We’ve had our fair share of baby ( 3 in heaven ) pains, 3 Boys all preemies growing like weeds now but every yr respiratory issues in fall/spring ( just did breathing TX on two youngest ), One Carlee Hope who is still smaller than normal but Trisomy 18 did not win due to prayers of the saints ! Saying this to know your son, Daughter in Love & Maggie are brave & not alone in this walk !! He is walking every step along side. Believing with you all Maggie will flourish & fulfill her life with Joy & God’s grace as will the DAY Tribe. 💗

    • Alicia Day | 11th Oct 17

      Charleen, I’m overwhelmed. Thank you for your continued prayers until we see a breakthrough! Thank you for standing with us in faith in our great God. ~ Alicia xoxo

  4. Lynn Swails | 12th Oct 17

    I have been praying for Maggie and will continue to do so. This was so moving, it has brought me to tears. Praise the Lord for all He is doing through this process!

    • Alicia Day | 12th Oct 17

      It brought me to tears to write it! Thank you for praying for little Maggie=Pie. xoxox

  5. Wanda Stone | 12th Oct 17

    Alicia – I did not have any idea about what you all were going through with Maggie! Praying in agreement with you for TOTAL Healing and Restoration over this precious child! The LORD knows the Plans He has for her and I know the anointing upon her life is Powerful! We too are dealing with issues with our 3 year old grandson – Canon. He is still not talking and has problems processing. Although he has not been diagnosed with Autism, they say he has autism related tendencies. The LORD gave our daughter, Jessica, a dream when she was carrying him that he put his fist through her bellybutton. I felt it was a prophetic dream and inquired of the LORD about it and the LORD showed me that Canon had a Breaker Anointing – that he would break through the Gate with the LORD at his head! I continue to Declare and Decree this over him! They are having to spend a huge some of money for therapy for him but it is all worth it! The enemy will NOT have our babies!!! GOD WILL turn these trails around for their Good and His Glory in JESUS Name!!! Agreeing in prayer with you for Maggie!

    • Alicia Day | 12th Oct 17

      Thanks for the prayers, Wanda – Send me a private message, I may have some info for you!

  6. Lisa | 12th Oct 17

    What a beautiful testimony of your faithfulness to God, putting your trust and hope in Him to lead and guide you when faced with adversity. Maggie has been blessed beyond belief to have you as her grandma Alicia, and your husband who could build just what she needed! Maggie you and your family are now in prayers.

    • Alicia Day | 12th Oct 17

      Thank you, Lisa for your kind words of encouragement. Keep praying! I know there are more breakthroughs ahead!

  7. Ayanna @ 21FlavorsofSplendor | 12th Oct 17

    You are definitely one awesome Grammy! Your faith, love, and dedication to our family is so inspiring. Trusting in God about all else is so important. When you said, “I made a choice in that moment to believe for MORE than I could see.” All I could say is AMEN!

    • Alicia Day | 12th Oct 17

      Thank you so much Ayanna. Ya know, I’ve heard sermons my whole life about trusting God. And read over and over of His last-minute rescues. At some point we have to just decide if we are going to trust Him or not. He is truly our strength and shield!

  8. Aimee Imbeau | 12th Oct 17

    Thank you for sharing this sweet and beautiful story of LOVE on Grace and Truth, Alicia. As I read, I kept thinking to myself, “this is love.” Your family is fully blessed with such love. Not many know this kind of love. Sharing on Twitter.

    • Alicia Day | 12th Oct 17

      Thank you, Aimee. The Father has poured His love out on me so extravagantly, and also on our entire family. One day, I’ll share my story with you. Thank you so much for sharing on Twitter! xoxo

  9. Lacy Ngo | 12th Oct 17

    When I got to the part about her first step, I cried. Then I found myself praying to God; thanking God for blueberries too. Thank you for sharing.

    • Alicia Day | 12th Oct 17

      Lacy, your comment overwhelmed me. (Had to get a tissue.)
      I hope that every time we eat blueberries, we will be so grateful. Thank you so much for your response here. xoxo

  10. Susan Evans | 12th Oct 17

    What a precious little girl. It looks like she is making a lot of progress!

  11. Andrea | 15th Oct 17

    Doctors don’t have the last word, but God has it!

  12. Ashley Morris | 16th Oct 17

    Great is thy faithfulness,…this is beautiful Alicia!!!
    Your faith is a testimony to us all, thank you for
    Sharing. Continued love and Prayers

    • Alicia Day | 16th Oct 17

      Thanks, Ashley! Yes, He is FAITHFUL!

  13. Heather Hart | 16th Oct 17

    What a beautiful testimony! God’s goodness and the faithfulness of His people can move mountains.

    • Alicia Day | 16th Oct 17

      Thanks! Yes, With God nothing is impossible!

  14. Keisha Russell | 16th Oct 17

    This is absolutely beautiful and a testament to God’s miraculous power and love for those that trust in him.

    • Alicia Day | 16th Oct 17

      Thanks for your comment! Our God is great indeed!

  15. Jess | 16th Oct 17

    An inspiring story of faith, love, and power through Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing it; there are many dealing with the same or close to the same issue and it will help them to hold onto hope and not get discouraged! Beautiful story and beautiful little girl!

    • Alicia Day | 16th Oct 17

      Thanks, Jess. I shared this hoping to encourage others in similar situations; maybe it will be shared with those in need of hope and loving encouragement. Have a blessed week!

  16. Melissa | 16th Oct 17

    I love these lines, “Yes, my heart was racing, and yes, I wanted to cry, but I made a choice in that moment to believe for MORE than I could see. To believe for LIGHT to invade dark space. Out of the abundance of my heart, my mouth spoke.” What a beautiful and encouraging mom and grandmother you are! They are blessed to have you in their corner and helping them remain rooted in God’s mercy and grace! God bless you and little Maggie!

    • Alicia Day | 16th Oct 17

      That was a defining moment for me. I hope this post helps others to be mindful to pay very close attention in those moments, and to carefully frame their words in the midst of an storm. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

  17. Bryana | 16th Oct 17

    Wow what a powerful story! You and your daughter are so strong. And your faith sustained your family. Thanks for sharing! Stay blessed

  18. Julie | 16th Oct 17

    What a beautiful testimony! Little Maggie is darling and she’s got great things ahead of her!

  19. Kristi | 16th Oct 17

    Your little Magpie is precious! How God prepared you through your father to help her take her first steps! What a beautiful story!

    • Alicia Day | 16th Oct 17

      Hi Kristi,
      Yes, my hubby and I have discussed that also how God was preparing me. God is always faithful, and meets our needs even before we ask. Thanks for commenting! 💕

  20. Alice Mills | 16th Oct 17

    This was such a moving post. Thank you for telling the whole story. I love your faith-filled response to the nees but mostly, I loved how you both love your grand baby .

  21. Emily | 6th Nov 17

    This is such a sweet post! So glad that it had a happy ending and your grandbaby is excelling!

  22. Mahima | 6th Nov 17

    Faith is 50% healer and the other 50% is sheer determination to succeed. Children are very resilient so providing them that family support and a helping hand wins more than half the battle. Your little blueberry piggy is indeed blessed to have both.

  23. Sarah | 7th Nov 17

    Oh my goodness!!! What a precious girl. And love your faith in God. Prayers for this beauty!

  24. Rachael Williams | 8th Nov 17

    wow wow, what an amazing journey you have walked. love how she loves blueberries. thank you for your vulernerability in sharing your life story x

  25. Pankaj | 8th Nov 17

    Such a great story…. May the all mighty continue to shower his blessings on the little angel

  26. Florence @ Vintage Southern Picks | 12th Nov 17

    She is so precious and I love that smile! Walking for blueberries!

  27. Michelle Leslie | 13th Nov 17

    I have goose bumps and tears streaming down my face right now Alicia. Maggie is beautiful and a very special gift. There’s so many things I’d like to write now, but I can’t see to well through the tears. Sending much love and I’ll be back to see more pictures and hear how she’s doing. Sending much love

    • Alicia Day | 13th Nov 17

      Tears were streaming every time I sat down to write this post; thank you for your love and support. And thank you for reading. 🙂

  28. Mary | 17th Nov 17

    Bless you Alicia for believing in miracles and having the strength to push forward. Your little Maggie put a smile on all of our faces. I do believe you are going to have the best Thanksgiving ever! May God always look out for you and your family.

    • Alicia Day | 17th Nov 17

      Thanks, Mary! Happy Thanksgiving!

  29. Zee | 2nd Dec 17

    Wow I am speechless to the wonders of the Lord. What a beautiful testimony to read this morning my day is made as I prepare to feed my 8 month old twins. This gives me so much hope having kids you never know what surprises lies ahead but with testimonies like Maggie we thrive in the fact that God is indeed in control. Thank you Alicia for sharing this beautiful story.. All the love and well wishes for Maggie. Xx

    • Alicia Day | 2nd Dec 17

      Thank you, Zee, for commenting. And thanks for your love and prayers for Maggie. 💕

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