Magpie Life

Our family has a little Magpie. No, that’s not actually her name, but that’s my favorite nickname for our youngest granddaughter. Maggie-pie, Magnolia, Sweet Pea, Darling Baby. She’s not our only grandchild. Actually she’s number SIX out of who-knows-how-many-are-coming-down-the-pike.

Our four adult children are amazing, as are our daughters-in-love.
But our grandkids are the coolest, goofiest, bomb-diggity kids on the planet, of course. All of them. Tay, Chan, Bri, Ty, Dyl-pickle, and Magpie. They call me Grammy. (Be still my beating heart!)

This particular post is about our littlest sweet pea; and not just for her, but for other little ones like her who are working on their own challenges, while they are awaiting their own personal miracle. And for the families who love them so.

Maggie’s diagnosis is repeating inverted duplication deletion of the 8p chromosome. It doesn’t have a common name, like Down, Asberger, etc., because it’s very rare. It’s my understanding that only 50 cases total had even been reported by 2013.

The 8p issue affects each person in a different manner, manifesting in various ways. That fact, along with its rarity, results in us not really having clear expectations laid out by the doctors. They aren’t certain how far Maggie can progress.

It’s good that our expectations and hopes lie in God. We believe that He works miracles every day, and that He is a Healer and He is good.

As we wait for and pursue Maggie’s healing, we take every day as it comes. We are trusting in our great God. Our focus is on gratefully enjoying each moment with her, even in the middle of the chaos of going to specialists and attending Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies.

I have the greatest blessing of being Maggie’s baby-sitter each day while her Mommy and Daddy go to work.

Ah…Magpie Life.

Oh how wonderful it is being with this sweet little darling each day. We have loads of giggles, tickles and fun!
What a difference this littlest Day has made in her large family of aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and grandparents.

Stay tuned for more of Maggie’s and Grammy’s continuing epic adventures in babysitting!


Magpie Life



  1. Kathy Vickers | 8th Sep 17

    Love Magpie….Aunt Kathy❤❤

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