What a Difference a Day Makes

Here I go!
Starting a new project when my plate is full – so full. Maybe you feel the same way.
But they say if you want to get something done, ask someone who is already busy.

So… as I embark on this brand new blogging journey, let me share what this is all about…

It’s about gratefully enjoying every single minute of every day.
It’s about being an adventurer and a pioneer. (Pictures are forthcoming!)
It’s about abiding and reflecting. It’s about singing and dancing.
It’s about riding the rollercoaster, fearlessly waving my hands in the air, and delightfully squealing at the top of my lungs.

Taking life as it comes, not as a victim – no way! But, rather, walking victoriously on the waves, though they furiously roar in the storm.

If you’ve lived at all, you’ve probably experienced days that are truly life-altering. Some wonderful, and some not so much; but one day changed EVERYTHING. I’ve had many days like that (I’ll be filling you in as we go.)

24 hours.
1440 minutes.
86,400 seconds.

Oh, the possibilities that lie in one day. Tonight we may be weeping (I’ve done a lot of that over the past few months), but joy comes by morning.

Hope can spring up.
Love can bloom.
Prisoners can go free.
Help can show up.
Mercy can be poured out.
A baby can arrive.
Value can be established.
Breakthrough can occur.
Faith can arise.
A promotion can be announced.
Laughter can ring out.
Miracles can happen.
Resurrection can surprise us.
An entire nation can change.
In one day.

Whew. That’s deep. But it’s so true.

Everyday is a fresh opportunity to start over, to begin again, to have a clean slate, to be who you really are created to be.
Everyday is a challenge to one-up yesterday’s you – to grow in peace, wisdom, strength and integrity.

But it’s also a chance to ENJOY your here and now. It’s a chance to put down the cell, turn off the tube, hide the game controller, and just BE. Each day is a chance to be thankful, to take care of your body, soul and spirit, and to love others well. And if you don’t know how to do that, this is a good day to begin.

As one who has had a full plate for a VERY long time, (I will fill you in on that as we go also!)
To be brutally honest, I am ready to begin a NEW journey. How about you? Would you love to just start over?

I am declaring that it is indeed a NEW DAY. I’m inviting you to accompany me on this bloggy road ahead, filled with pics and lots of laughs, to be sure.

It’s time – to laugh, to dance, to play, to be silly, to enjoy my kids, to play with my grandchildren, to enjoy time with my wonderful husband, to experience the most adventurous, abundant, joy-filled life ever!

I am not saying that my circumstances are conducive to this. (Yours may be pretty crummy also.)

What I am saying is that, with God’s great grace, I plan to dance on the chains of my circumstances, like a victorious warrior.

Yesterday was another day ago. (Thank you, Jesus!) Today I am hopeful and courageous. Today I am rising up.

Oh what a difference a day makes.

Welcome to my amazing life,


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What a Difference a Day Makes



Lovely One Lisa Bevere


  1. Laticia | 10th Sep 17

    Everything in life can change within the blink of an eye. One day, is a difference. Good luck with your newest adventure. I can’t wait to see where your outlook on life takes us in your new blog…

    • Alicia Day | 10th Sep 17

      Thanks for the comment, Laticia, and for the good wishes on my new blog. Make sure to sign up, and let’s keep in touch πŸ™‚

  2. Taylor Shelton | 17th Sep 17

    Congratulations on your new blog! It is such an exciting journey! Thank you for taking the time to share! You’re awesome! Keep it up! 😊

  3. Lori Carter | 21st Sep 17

    I’m so glad you are doing this😊, YOU SHINE!

  4. Andrea | 25th Oct 17

    Nice! So important that we remember the blessings of the Lord each day!

  5. Julie | 25th Oct 17

    You’ve piqued my interest! Excited to hear about your adventures! Blessings on the journey!

  6. Susan Evans | 25th Oct 17

    Your post made me want to dance! Haha! Let us relish each moment of this fleeting life and make the most of it!

  7. Maria Hass | 26th Oct 17

    Praise God for a brand new day!

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